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Throughout the Bible, giving tithes and offerings was a standard practice that no one ever denied, though many made it an obligation instead of an opportunity. Giving sacrificially was always accompanied with blessings of prosperity. Whether the widow's mite, or the personal possessions sold for the good of the community, there were blessings in return, no one lacked, no one had excess.


We should not give with a plan to get something back, for this is a wrong motive. Our blessings from giving are that we get more to give. "He who is faithful with little, to him, much will be given."


"To whom much is given, much is required." And, "freely you have received, freely give." These verses are not only referring to financial giving. Giving of our time to serve and mentor, giving of the revelation and knowledge that we are given, and yes, even the giving of our lives that another may live, these are the givers that cause the hosts of heaven to stand and cheer.


When Nehemiah and David prepared to build the temples of their respective days, everyone gave and contributed as thy were enabled. The size of the gift in dollar amounts is not important. God does not need our money. It is the heart behind the offering that determines the quality of the gift. For what seems like little to one, is a fortune to another.


When we see a need, it is because the Lord desires to empower us to meet that need. It is in the asking of how the Lord will provide what is needed that intimacy with Him grows. Will we have the faith to believe that He will provide us with what is needed? And when He provides it, will we be willing to let it go so that the need of another may be met?


Giving is really nothing more than giving back to God what already belongs to Him. We struggle with letting go of the "Ten Percent Tithe" and struggle even harder with letting go of more than that. In the reality of His Kingdom, we should be able to live on the ten and give back the ninety to see His Kingdom advance.


He will provide for every need. Most of the time, He uses another human being as the conduit to get the provision where it needs to go. Will you be a conduit into the Kingdom? Will you ask the Father to show you what needs you can meet? Not only the needs here at Provision, but also the needs of those He has put in your life, at home, at work, and at play?


The needs we have here at Provision International are across the scale from minor to major. Your donations and gifts are greatly appreciated. If the Lord stirs your heart, please use the link to the left or the Donate Buttons anywhere in this website.


May the Lord richly bless you in all your giving, may you be that conduit He can pour His provision through to meet the needs of others.


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